About the foundation

The Lotos Foundation was established in 2000 by the leadership of the Lotos Club, which had been established in New York City in 1870 as a Literary Club and has since grown to embrace all the creative arts and sciences.  The Foundation pursues the philanthropic mission of encouraging and supporting the creative arts and sciences.  The Foundation is a Public Charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; thus, contributions may qualify as tax-deductible to the extent allowable for the individual donor. The Lotos Foundation is committed to encouraging gifted students in the Fine and Performing Arts and Sciences in New York City through grants to in-school and after-school programs across the city’s diverse populations and neighborhoods. The Foundation also honors young creative artists at the outset of their careers across a broad spectrum of the arts with a monetary Lotos Foundation Prize. These are perilous times for the creative arts in our schools, and with these prizes and grants the Foundation strives to achieve its goal of helping to maintain New York City’s role as a center of artistic excellence. The Foundation’s search for worthy and qualified programs and individuals is aided and supported by many prominent members of the New York cultural community.