Can I apply for a Lotos Foundation Prize in the Arts?

No, our prize recipients are recommended by outside nominators in their chosen fields.  Some of our past nominators have been: Joy Reid, News Anchor MSNBC, for Journalism; Virginia Johnson, Artistic Director of Dance Theatre of Harlem, for Choreography; Mia Yoo, Artistic Director of LaMama Experimental Theatre Club for Theatre Directing.


Can I apply again if my application for a Grant was not accepted?

Yes, you may apply again the following year making sure that your project mission fits the criteria of the Foundation. Contact Gail Job at with any questions. 


If I have already received a Grant from the Lotos Foundation may I apply again?

Yes, if you have not already received a grant for the past three consecutive years.  If you have received a Grant for three consecutive years you will need to wait two years before applying.


What has been the dollar amount of Grants and Prizes in the past?

The Foundation has been awarding Grants and Prizes for the past seventeen years. Each year the Board of Managers decides on the number of Grants and Prizes along with the dollar amounts. In 2017 we awarded $89,000 in Grants and Prizes – which included eight Grants each in the amount of $8,000 and five Prizes each in the amount of $5,000. 


If my Organization charges tuition for its programming may I still apply for a Grant?

No, your programming must be free-of-charge and be available to underserved communities within the five Boroughs of Manhattan.


If my Organization is located outside the Boroughs of Manhattan but one of the programs is within one of the Boroughs may I still apply for a Grant?

Yes, as long as the programming you are offering fits the mission of the Foundation and serves underserved communities within the Boroughs.