Our prizes and Grants

Each year, The Lotos Foundation fulfills its mission by awarding The Lotos Foundation Prize and The Louis Padovano Grants, insuring a continued dedication to the arts and sciences in New York City.


the Lotos foundation prizes for arts and sciences

Each prize recipient has completed formal education. Each recipient works and/or lives in New York City, and is a promising and talented young creative artist at the outset of his or her career.  The Lotos Foundation is proud that we are joined in this process by prominent members of the New York City cultural community who assist us in identifying prize candidates.


The Louis Padovano Grants

Each program which receives grant funding from The Lotos Foundation falls within our mission, conforms to our goals, and satisfies our stringent criteria.  Each program is based in New York City and is available free of charge to students from across its diverse populations and neighborhoods.  Each program is offered by a not-for-profit organization in good standing with the IRS and each program identifies and nurtures talented students in dance, film, life and physical sciences, music, theatre, visual arts, or writing.